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Our special VPS June offer - a lifetime 15% discount!(valid only in June 2010) Your VPS in a reliable data center with direct connections to major European cities and Russia! ________________________________________ 10 reasons, why you should choose our VPS solutions: • VPS with a dedicated server performance (VPS based on DELL PowerEdge R710 with 32 to 196 GB RAM and 2 Quad Core processors!) • Guaranteed Uptime 99,95% • Full Root access • Server available in 1hr • Free OS & monitoring • Free setup • Unlimited bandwidth – 100Mbit/s burstable • A lifetime 15% discount for any below mentioned VPS, if ordered in June 2010! • Fully redundant and reliable infrastructure in DEAC data centers • Multilingual technical support 24x7 ● VPS 1 ● 2 x CPU RAM: 256MB (guaranteed) HDD: 10GB IP: 2 1Gbps port New Price: EUR 23/mo Order now! ● VPS 2 ● 2 x CPU RAM: 512MB (guaranteed) HDD: 20GB IP: 2 1Gbps port New Price: EUR 35/mo Order now! ● VPS 3 ● 2 x CPU RAM: 1GB (guaranteed) HDD: 40GB IP: 2 1Gbps port New Price: EUR 59/mo Order now! ● VPS 4 ● 2 x CPU RAM: 2GB (guaranteed) HDD: 60GB IP: 2 1Gbps port New Price: EUR 96/mo Order now! ● VPS 5 ● 2 x CPU RAM: 3GB (guaranteed) HDD: 70GB IP: 2 1Gbps port New Price: EUR 108/mo Order now! FREE OS: CentOS5.3, Debian 4.0/5.0, FreeBSD 7.2, Ubuntu8.10 cPanel & Plesk per request. Order now! (for lifetime discount, please write “juneoffer2” in the text box) Contact our friendly customer service for any details! Test download speed from us here __________________ DEAC data center operator Contact us through our 24x7 Live Chat support on our website or mail us at info@deac.eu VPS/VDS Hosting | Dedicated Server | RACK rent

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