Awknet DDoS protected IRC allowed - Month End

Awknet specializes in offering denial of service mitigation to a wide range of internet based businesses. From targeted investment sites, forums, media download sites, IRC chat customers and even large MUD hosts - we understand your business goals and the importance of network availability. We've recently expanded our network to include transit from a blend of carriers - the result? Lots of bandwidth for you! Over subscription? Not here! All customers are given fully burstable 100Mbps ports which trunk back to a mesh of gigabit+ switches. Our network is currently built around transit from the Xeex 10GE network and GTS - carriers include Level 3, Global Crossing, XO, Savvis, Singtel, KDDI, II Japan, MFN, Cogent and many other peers. Dedicated We have the following stock available for same day activation - contact regarding purchase of any of these systems as they're not listed at these prices elsewhere. * AMD Sempron 2800+ - 1GB RAM - 160GB HD - 10Mbps BW - $99/mo * AMD A64 3200+ - 1GB RAM - 160GB HD - 10Mbps BW - $119/mo * Intel Xeon 2.8GHz - 1GB RAM - 120GB HD - 10Mbps BW - $119/mo * AMD A64 X2 3800+ Dual Core - 2GB RAM - 160GB HD - 10Mbps BW - $139/mo * Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 - 2GB RAM - 250GB HD - 10Mbps BW - $159/mo We can also custom build systems. Example; Quad Core 3.73GHz - 8GB RAM - 2x 500GB drives - 15Mbps BW $400 setup, $300/month. IP Addresses 1-5 non-irc IPs: free 16 - $10/month 32 - $15/month 64 - $30/month If you have valid usage requirements you may upgrade to 128 IPs in your second month or later for $60/month. Resellers Awknet offers a 20% discount on base system prices for customers with three or more servers. Alternately, paying six months in advance will offer a 10% discount to any system. Please note this is not a stackable offer - no 30% discounts. Colocation Have your own hardware and want to colocate - perhaps that big SAN box? We also offer DDoS protected IRC allowed colocation to clients. Pricing is based as follows; Space: $40/month base - 1-4U or small-mid tower Power: $12/amp Bandwidth: * 1-49Mbps - $18/Mbps * 50+Mbps - $15/Mbps Colo customers can connect at 10, 100, or 1000Mbps port speeds. Feel free to email regarding any of these systems or for other details.

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