Unmetered 独立 服务器s, Premium 流量 (no Cogent), FREE 2GB 内存 & 1TB HDD

We are having 2 last servers left in stock, and we want to sell them before getting more new servers coming in. If you would like to upgrade, downgrade, or build your server, just let us know! We can build/setup any servers! ServerVina is not a reseller. We own our servers and equipments in Steadfast Networks DC in downtown Chicago. Our Main Features: :: 100% network and power uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) :: The outgoing bandwidth is a full BGP mix of Savvis, XO, PCCW Global, Telia, GameRail, and local peering (no Cogent) :: Dedicated Unmetered Bandwidth (un-shared). You can use your full unmetered amount 24/7/365 *guarantee* :: 24/7/365 prompt tech support | Premium Bandwidth | DDoS Protection | Quality Servers, Hardwares, Network, and Services! Test Our Network IP: File test speed: http://servervina.com/testspeed.sv ONLY 2 SERVERS AVAILABLE. FIRT COME, FIRST SERVE! The server should be setup within 24 hours or less!! SERVER#1: 1U SuperMicro Dual Xeon 3.0 GHz w/HT (2x 1MB L2 Cache) 3GB DDR ECC REG RAM 400GB SATA HDD1 1TB SATA HDD2 5IPs Address APC Remote Reboot Port MRTG from switch DDoS Protection 20Mbps DEDICATED Unmetered Port - $359/mo + $0 setup 50Mbps DEDICATED Unmetered Port - $689/mo + $0 setup 100Mbps DEDICATED Unmetered Port - $1,189/mo + $0 setup ORDER NOW SERVER#2: Brand New 1U SuperMicro (4x hot-swap bays) Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4GHz, dual-cores, 4MB L2 Cache) 4GB DDR2 ECC RAM 400GB SATA HDDs 5IPs Address APC Remote Reboot Port DDoS Protection MRTG from switch 20Mbps DEDICATED Unmetered Port - $359/mo + $0 setup 50Mbps DEDICATED Unmetered Port - $689/mo + $0 setup 100Mbps DEDICATED Unmetered Port - $1,189/mo + $0 setup ORDER NOW Looking for more servers? please visit our site: http://ServerVina.com EXTRA: 2GB DDR ECC RAM - $249 2GB DDR2 ECC RAM - $289 400GB SATA2 HDD - $149 500GB SATA2 HDD - $199 750GB SATA2 HDD - $299 1TB SATA2 HDD - $399 74GB 10k Raptor SATA HDD - $199 150GB 10k Raptor SATA HDD - $249 3ware 8006 – (2 SATA Ports) Hardware RAID - $199 3ware 9500S – (4 SATA Ports) Hardware RAID - $399 Direct Admin - $10/mo cPanel/WHM - $30/mo Plesk 30 domains - $10/mo Plesk 100 domains - $20/mo Plesk unlimited - $35/mo Windows Server 2003 Web - $20/mo Windows Server 2003 Std - $30/mo We accept all major credit cards and payments can make via Paypal, GoogleCheckout, or 2CheckOut. If you want to order these servers or have any questions, please email to Sales@ServerVina.com. For more information about ServerVina, please visit our site at http://ServerVina.com Thank you for looking our offer!