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Use coupon code: RHSFEB to receive 50% off your first month! Plans: BRONZE: 100GB RAID-10 STORAGE 512MB RAM GUARANTEED 1024MB BURSTABLE 1000GB TRANSFER $10.00 / Month CLICK TO SIGNUP: https://www.reliablehostingservices....?a=add&pid=127 SILVER: 200GB RAID-10 STORAGE 1024MB RAM GUARANTEED 1536MB BURSTABLE 2000GB TRANSFER $20.00 / Month CLICK TO SIGNUP: https://www.reliablehostingservices....?a=add&pid=128 GOLD: 300GB RAID-10 STORAGE 1536MB RAM GUARANTEED 2048MB BURSTABLE 3000GB TRANSFER $30.00 / Month CLICK TO SIGNUP: https://www.reliablehostingservices....?a=add&pid=129 Node Details OpenVZ: Dual AMD Opteron 2352's 32GB RAM 8x 750GB HDDs in hardware raid-10 Xen: Dual Intel Xeon 5345 's 32GB RAM 6x 1TB HDDs in hardware raid-10 OS OPTIONS: CentOS Fedora SUSE Ubuntu Debian Others available on request Network Providers: Sprint nLayer Bandcon XO Carpathia Xeex Equinix Direct Level 3 Cogent Readnews Limelight Hurricane Electric Savvis PCCW-BTN Location: Baltimore, Maryland TEST FILE/IP: FILE: http://www.reliablehostingservices.net/100MB.zip IP: We are currently updating our website, so please be aware that it currently does not have a lot of details, and has a fair amount of broken links. Please let us know if you have any questions! Contacts: http://www.reliablehostingservices.net support@reliablehostingservices.net Phone: 888-693-8309

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