[Premium] - Fully Managed 服务器s Starting @ $159/month

[Premium] - Fully Managed Servers Starting @ $159/month Who is TurnKey Internet? TurnKey Internet is a New York Corporation that offers premium quality web hosting for small and medium sized businesses that need fast, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for their Internet presence. The management team has been offering Internet Services since 1994, and offering web hosting services since 1999. TurnKey Internet is a proud member of the New York State Better Business Bureau with a 100% satisfaction rate.What is unique about TurnKey Internet? TurnKey Internet owns and operates its facilities (network, computers, infrastructure, fiber optic circuits, etc.) and maintains its own dedicated local (not outsourced) staff. TurnKey Internet is not a reseller, or a sales agent for another datacenter or web hosting company. By owning our own infrastructure we are able to offer the most reliable service and competitive pricing backed by unmatched local 24 x 7 support. TurnKey Internet’s products are backed with “Managed Service and Support” which means our staff Take care of all the details such as remote backups, firewall setup, 24 x 7 uptime monitoring, maintaining security patches and updates, plus much more – letting the client focus on running their business instead of worrying about day to day technical details.Why Should Customers Choose TurnKey Internet?Competitive pricing, packages as low as $99/month. Proven Track Record of providing quality Internet Services (since 1994!) No Middle Men – TurnKey Internet owns and operates its own facilities (datacenter, servers, network) Professional 24 x 7 x 365 managed local support. (backups, firewalls, monitoring, more) 100% Network Uptime Guarantee on our services. 30 day money back guarantee November Fully Managed Products

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