★★ Netdepot blowout deals! Dallas and Atlanta Q9550 $86 per month! ★★

Netdepot blowout deals! Dallas and Atlanta Q9550 $86 per month! ________________________________________ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★ NetDepot / GNAX / Tranxactglobal has some new smoking deals for you that you cant miss out on! Summary of the deals - super low price on private backup servers - 100 mb unmetered / new low 100 mb unmetered dedicated pricing / Dallas server sales - free ram and 3 months free / Beat the Planet promotion! ★Dedicated backup servers for only 159.00 per month!! ★ Includes a 500 gig SATA drive and allows you to backup all your data at 100 mbps unmetered - restoration is also allowed at the full port speed. This is the best backup deal on the net. Dedicated port - not shared - $159.00 per month It is a private backup server that is dedicated only to your needs and data for privacy. R1soft is available on these servers, FREE of charge as well. order here: >" target="_blank">https://billing.netdepot.com/order/o...submit=next+>> ★100 Mbps Unmetered option on NetDepot Servers is now only 2.41 per mbps!★ That’s right - you can upgrade your Netdepot server for an additional fee of 241.00 to a 100 mbps unmetered server with a dedicated port. This is not a shared port. ★Sale on servers in Atlanta and Dallas★ We sold out all the initial batch of servers we built out and we just got more in - here are some new killer deals you guys have asked for: ★Q9550★ They are here! We are taking pre orders on them - they will go fast. they are at the facility -we are installing them. They will be available mid next week. You can order now and we will adjust your account when they deliver for the new start date. With 8 gigs RAM 500 gig SATA RAID edition drive and our backend network and awesome portal including remote reboot and bandwidth overage prediction and notification function: Includes 2000 gigs of bandwidth. As low as 86.00 per month! Normally with no buydown at 189.00 per month -they are on sale for 149 per month guaranteed not to increase. Take 40$ per month off - the best deal out there on these boxes! Use coupon code: 955040 Q9550 - Regular monthly price of $189/month - no buydown - https://billing.netdepot.com/order/o...it=next+%3E%3E Q9550 - Buydown of $155 to get to $157/month - https://billing.netdepot.com/order/o...it=next+%3E%3E Q9550 - Buydown of $311 to get to $126/month - https://billing.netdepot.com/order/o...it=next+%3E%3E ★Dual 5410★ Still available and going strong! The dual 5410 comes with 2 Intel 5410 CPU's / 4 gigs ram and a 500 gig raid edition SATA drive Normally 349 per month with no install - for 10$ get 10TB of bandwidth! 30% off sale - take 30% off and get this server for 244 per month! Wow!!! Use coupon code: 5410%30 https://billingdallas.netdepot.com/o...it=next+%3E%3E Normally $229 per month with a $857 buydown - now take 30% off and get it for 160 per month!!!! https://billingdallas.netdepot.com/o...it=next+%3E%3E Normally $289 per month with a $429 buydown - now take 30% off and get it for 202 per month!!! https://billingdallas.netdepot.com/o...it=next+%3E%3E ★Beat The Planet Promotion Continues!★ In response to The Planet's recent promotion that they will cut your pricing to move from us to them -we are matching their deal - we will cut the price on servers you move from them to us - just present their bill and we guarantee you a 20% savings over what they are charging you. This makes their deal invalid to say its the most aggressive offer since we guarantee you all the same terms as them including free migration assistance and one month free and we guarantee that your bill will be at least 20% cheaper by moving. Now we have the most aggressive offer on the planet. As they mentioned there are few hosts in a position to do this - we are one of them - and with our superior financial results I can run toe to toe with any smackdown they want to bring - so bring it. You owe it to yourself in these tough economic times to pull out your bill on your older servers. You will find its going to save you a lot of money to cut your bill and even maybe look at moving to newer and better hardware for the same price or even lower! You need to be asking for cheaper bills these days with the economy so what are you waiting for?? - contact us at sales@gnax.net •Industry leading Backend Network – first to roll out jumbo frames and iSCSI providing access to servers and NAS / SAN services without using internet bandwidth •Industry leading customer portal with server management and private branding available •Route optimizer for the ultimate route optimized high performance IP backbone connection •Top layer IPS – industry leading Intrusion Prevention System with DDoS protection •1 Gig of private peering to Atlanta Internet Exchange that peers with 34 different providers including Eart***** to provide the ultimate in low latency connectivity •Over 65 Gig’s of backbone connectivity to key providers •Own and manage fully redundant state-of-the-art data center with 75,000 square feet of space available and multiple layers of security to protect your data with additional locations in Dallas and a west coast location coming soon! •Financially secure - net income profitable with virtually no debt so your business is trusted to a stable company that will be around since we have been serving customers for 15 years one of the longest track records in the business •10 MBPS Unmetered Bandwidth comes standard with our Dedicated Servers •Genuine Server Class hardware •Low cost, high quality products and services •Free R1Soft backup software with all backup accounts The main ordering page for all of the Netdepot Servers is located here: http://www.netdepot.com/hosting.php#dallas