[ID/USA] Great KVM VPS | Stable & Smooth | Limited Stock

Hi Everyone , So, We are from Nicosoft Media has back again to offers the VPS products with KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) technology with server has located on Continuum Data Center, Lombard - USA, PhoenixNAP, Arizona - USA and IDC-3D, Jakarta - Indonesia. We bring the new technology level with stability and smooth. They are really isolated. Ready for Linux and Windows operating system. In the VPS you can installing with your own ISO and provide valid license required for Windows OS. We offer a competitive price. No trick, No Hidden Fee, No Overselling. Because we are very committed to your business. Trust your business with us. Order Now for VPS on Indonesia. Test IP : Order Now for VPS on East Coast. Test IP : For more information, please PM or contact our sales. Why Choose Us ? 1. Our business has running from 2004. 2. We have many staff who have great experience for 5 years and certified by MCSE, RHCN, RHCE, CCNA. 3. Business location verified by GeoTrust. We provide support by : - Live Chat (On our website). - 24x7 Email Ticketing. - Instant Messenger (YM,Live Messenger,Skype). Thanks for looking.

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