100TB.com - 100TB Tier 1 流量 starting at $120... discounts inside!

WHT, we're back with some offers! 10% off first month! Use the coupon COOL10 to obtain your first month discount. Utilizing the SoftLayer network we believe we have one of the strongest networks in America with 8 Tier 1 providers... and we'll give you 100TB on that. What else?
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • 1000Gbps network
  • Choice of 3 datacenters (Washington, Dallas, Seattle)
  • $25 Google AdWords credit
  • Free KVM-over-IP access
  • Free OS Reloads and free reboots
  • Free domain for life
  • Free QuickSwitch (Transfer of sites)
  • Free Comodo SSL certificates (1 per IP, 8 default IP's)
Dallas - http://www.100tb.com/why-100tb/Dallas.php Washington DC - http://www.100tb.com/why-100tb/Washington-DC.php Seattle - http://www.100tb.com/why-100tb/Seattle.php SoftLayer Network (1000Gbps) - http://www.100tb.com/why-100tb/softlayer.php All servers have a 1000Mbit Dedicated Port. - Pentium D 930 (NOTE, WE ONLY HAVE 2 of these) 2GB RAM 1x500GB HDD 100TB *ONLY IN DALLAS* Price: $120 Xeon 3060 2GB RAM 1x500GB HDD 100TB *ONLY IN DALLAS* Price: $140 - speak to sales - Xeon 3060 4 GB RAM 2 x 500GB HDD, 100TB *ONLY IN DALLAS* Price: $153/month - speak to sales - Single Quad Core Xeon 3220 - 2.40GHz (Kentsfield) 4GB RAM 500B HDD 100TB Price: $169 (EMBER) - Single Quad Core Xeon 3220 - 2.40GHz (Kentsfield) 8GB RAM 2x500GB 100TB Price: $180 - Xeon 3460 8GB RAM 2 x 500GB HDD 100TB Price: $206 - Dual XEON-5430-Quadcore-Harpertown 2.66GHz 8GB RAM 2x500GB HDD 100,000GB Bandwidth Price: $290 - Dual Proc Quad Core Xeon 5430 12 GB RAM 4x1TB HDD RAID 5/10 100,000GB Bandwidth Price: $480 - Nehalem – Dual 5520 12GB RAM 4x1000GB HDD 100,000GB Price: $470 All prices are first month prices and will revert to normal after your first month discount . We also have some big 5620's if ya'll interested... maybe a 7450 also If you have any questions let me or the sales guys know - Enjoy!

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