[DE,RO] Virtono - KVM SSD VPS -不限 流量,High Score Bench - €5/mo - 75% OFF

Virtono.com provides SSD-only KVM Virtual Servers with unmetered bandwidth and dedicated server resources in multiple Europe locations: Germany and Romania. Get all the benefits of a dedicated server at the price of a vps ***************************************************************** ------------------------- Coupon Codes -------------------------- 1) Validate WHT75OFF at checkout and get 75% discount for your first months payment(monthly and quarterly billing cycles); 2) Validate WHT30LFT at checkout and get 30% LifeTime Discount, available on upgrades also. ***************************************************************** We are introducing our new servers location, in Düsseldorf, Germany. Check the serverbear's benchmarks for the virtual servers on the Germany nodes: Basic Plan @ Virtono - UnixBench score: 3823.7, I/O rate: 414.0 MB/second, Bandwidth rate: 35.3 MB/second, 31564 IOPS. Enterprise Plan @ Virtono - UnixBench score: 5998.5 , I/O rate: 401.0 MB/second, Bandwidth rate: 35.2 MB/second, 28674 IOPS. Germany test ip & file: Test IP: Test File: http://test-de.virtono.com/TestDownload1GByte Romania test ip & file: Test IP: Test File: http://test-ro.virtono.com/TestDownload1GByte Check all plans & features @ Virtono.com Starter - €5/month 1 Core Processor 512MB Memory 20GB SSD Disk Unlimited Bandwith Basic - €10/month 2 Core Processor 1GB Memory 30GB SSD Disk Unlimited Bandwith Advanced - €20/month 2 Core Processor 2GB Memory 40GB SSD Disk Unlimited Bandwith Professional - €40/month 4 Core Processor 4GB Memory 60GB SSD Disk Unlimited Bandwith Enterprise - €80/month 4 Core Processor 8GB Memory 80GB SSD Disk Unlimited Bandwith Check all plans & features @ Virtono.com

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