Interesting discussion on LowEndTalk over the last week about Virmach, a provider that has been sharing offers with our community for quite a while.

Several users are reporting issues.  Their Looking Glass (e.g., New York) also appears to be down.  Virmach’s main page on July 17 was the typical hosting company page offering various services and touting various deals.  Today it’s a redirect to their billing panel.

So what’s going on? On July 30, @VirMach posted a bit on his situation:

I’ve had to work every day, all day, for the past year or so as a result of the situation we’re in right now. So the number of hours spent are heavily skewed in my direction right now. We have two others working with us right now. We’re still a small company and always have been, but especially more recently.

Around the beginning of COVID we had our billing person leave, our hardware guy leave, and two sys admins leave.

It’s been OK until we also had to do a massive quantity of builds, deal with aging hardware, as well as migrations simultaneously over the last half a year plus. It probably also didn’t help that I made some badly timed sales and we had way more problems than anticipated with said new hardware. But yes, you are speaking with one single person right now who has been handling almost everything and not sleeping over a very long period of time especially since it’s the weekend and no one else is working today.

LET member @LordSpock (an awesome nick) speculated that perhaps they are having issues with one of their upstreams (ColoCrossing in this case), as systems based on CC are offline but others are up and working.  If CC cut them off, then that explains why they are scrambling.

Sounds like a perfect storm of cash flow issues and thin staffing, perhaps similar to the NexusBytes story.  Are you a VirMach customer?  What are you experiencing?








LET member@LordSpock(一个很棒的尼克)推测,也许他们的一个上游(在本例中是ColoCrossing)存在问题,因为基于CC的系统处于离线状态,但其他系统正在运行。如果CC切断了它们的连接,那就解释了它们为什么会争先恐后。